Peel Halton Soccer Association Leagues

How to customize your home page

With your new league management system you will be able to customize your home page.

At the top right of the home page you will see a cog icon. Click on this to configure your home page.

There are currently two features to use

  • Team selector
  • Schedule ticker

We hope to add other features in the future.

Team selector

The Team selector allows you to select your team to appear on your home page. Currently only IModel teams are in the database.

When your team is selected your home page will show

  • Details about your next game
  • The standings for your division (if applicable)
  • The list of top goal scorers and shut out leaders from your division.

Schedule ticker

The schedule ticker will display a ticker underneath the home page image. It will show results from games recently played and future games in the near future.

As you have a large league you may want to limit the ticker to just those divisions that interest you.